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The popularity of video content is increasing daily. Since 50 percent of our daily media consumption time is spent on video, it is crucial as part of your marketing strategy. Video optimization for web has a powerful impact due to the fact that it is versatile. Not only does video explain in words what a text cannot, but it also enhances your SEO strategy and helps boost conversions. These features make videos a necessity for any website.

Unfortunately, most of us are familiar with the frustration we experience when a website malfunctions. When you visit a company’s website, you want it to be optimised; it needs to load quickly, format quickly, and supply you with the information that you require. Just you need to Make video load faster, and people will be impressed by your company’s professional approach. When video optimization for web does not happen, you feel that the company is not efficient and reliable.

In certain cases, people hesitate to include video marketing as part of their routine marketing strategy. They feel it is going to have an impact on the loading time of their website. Worrying about the page loading time is a genuine concern, as 47% of customers expect the web page to load in 2 seconds or less. If you do not comply with the standard, there is a risk of losing site traffic, as 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. The statistics are especially true when it comes to mobile customers.

video optimization for web
The impact of using too many large videos on your website’s loading speed

Does video content impact the website’s load time?

A simple answer is no, but there is a caveat. The answer to this is that it depends upon a number of factors. It depends on how you embed your videos, how many elements are on your page, how well the site is optimised overall, and a number of other parameters. The video shouldn’t slow down your page load time if these are used correctly.

How to make video load faster on website has to be your main objective. There are a few practices that you can follow to make video load faster on your website and at the same time do not slow down your webpage.

Identifying the current load time

Before you start testing videos on your website, you need to understand where your starting point is. What is your current load time in comparison to other websites? It does not make sense on how to make video load faster on website that is already slow. Start with a strong foundation, and then you need to take it from there.

An accurate and easy way to check your website’s loading time is by running your website through Google Page Speed Insights. This will give you diagnostic information on the speed rating of your website and indicate precisely the changes that need to be made.

When you make video load faster on your website, it adds new code to your site. It all depends on the amount of video content that you want to include in your website, which is important before you decide on the video player. On the majority of external media players, there are a few guidelines you must adhere to in order to incorporate the codes required to play video material. This will provide you inputs on how to make video load faster on websites without slowing down speed.

video optimization for web
The impact of using too many large videos on your website’s loading speed

Pick the manner in which you want to embed the videos.

There are a few things to think about. If you are looking to embed websites with videos Self-hosting without an external video player is the first choice. An advantage of this option is that you have full control over the content, and there is no need to worry about any ads. But it weighs down your website and takes a longer amount of time to load the external videos.

The second option to consider is to use an external video player such as YouTube or Wistia for embedding videos on your website. Taking into consideration the drawbacks mentioned with self-hosting, this turns out to be the best practice. Since most video players stream video via JavaScript rather than embedding it into the native structure of your website, the native elements fully load before loading the video content.

Using Wistia

If you are looking to use Wistia for video optimization for  web, cash in on all the advantages that it has to offer. You need to make use of video analytics to track video performance, average watch time, or other data points that will provide insights into which video content performs best.

The video player can be customized to align with the firm’s branding, incorporate custom thumbnails, and a lot more. Once you gain this knowledge, you need to be aware that you should not burden your website with unnecessary code. So, choose a video optimization for web that fits your needs and avoids unnecessary lags in page loading time.

Using YouTube

If you choose YouTube for embedding your videos, it is suggested that you limit the number of HTTP requests the browser needs to make in order to load the website. You may achieve this by embedding the video thumbnail rather than the entire thing. In this manner, clicking on the image is required to start the video.

There is another practice to follow, which is to create custom YouTube thumbnails for all of your videos. Such a move is expected to make your content more appealing and engaging, increasing the likelihood that a website visitor will play your video content. If you play an educational video, the topic has to be included in the thumbnail.

Take into consideration the unique needs of your firm.

The firm’s needs may be different from others in the market. Everyone has different motives when it comes to websites with videos when making website adjustments and marketing strategies. Before you take any action,  on how to make video load faster on website you need to answer the following questions to avoid any unnecessary hassles:

  • What is the amount of video content that you require to hold
  • What is the time, amount, and effort you are willing to invest?
  • What is the objective of having video content on your website?
  • How are you going to measure the success of this investment?

There is no size-fit approach.  Such an approach is true when it comes to the specifics of the video you intend to display on the website.

video optimization for web
The impact of using too many large videos on your website’s loading speed

The level of quality has an impact on the results.

No matter how you choose to embed the video on your website, it is not going to make a major impact if the video is not that stellar. The results are influenced considerably by the quality of the videos.

As part of the firm’s marketing strategy, to make video load faster is a powerful tool to incorporate. If you are hesitating that it is going to have an impact on the website’s loading speed, then you are mistaken.

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